The Bulbasaur Line 001. Bulbasaur 002. Ivysaur 003. Venusaur 003. Mega Venusaur Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Fush (Bulbasaur) is a young farmer who's a bit of a coward and was chosen by the village queen to go on an adventure along with the other Kanto starters to stop an evil force. He has a big sister name Ivy and a struggling mom. He is often mistaken as a girl. Ivy (Ivysaur) is the older sister of Fush who is a bit sassy, but always willing to work. She despises the village queen, Gibana. Gibana (Venusaur) is the village queen of the Kanto Circle of Grass. She's a ruthless leader who is self important and very cruel to her people and treats them as underlings. She finds any Bulbasaurs a threat to her throne hence why she sent Fush out on a journey to prove he's not worthy of taking the throne to save the village. However, she is very kind to her other Kanto Circle leader friends. Fush (Mega Venusaur) is the same Bulbasaur who was sent out on a journey to stop the dark forces. He eventually learned to get over his cowardness and fight for justice hence why he came back to take over the throne. But in the end, he ends up marrying Gibana due to him learning more about her and showing humanity towards her which she fell in love with.