The Caterpie Line 010. Caterpie 011. Metapod 012. Butterfree Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Cat and Pie (Caterpie) are twins born into royalty of the Caterpie. They are very close and hang with each other til the very end. They do bicker and share their differences at times. Butanee (Metapod), a lazy gamer who spends most of his time in his Metapod looking sleeping bag, most people never seen his legs. He has no relation to Cat and Pie. Cat and Pie (Butterfree). The Prince and Princess are now warriors ready to fight against their rival kingdoms. They tend to get in each others way in battle sometimes. Cat is a more serious fighter who wields more offensive magic, while her older brother Pie is a carefree defensive shield. Fun Fact: Since there's a gender difference in Butterfree, I made Caterpie twins so that way when I draw the Butterfrees, they can be the same twins.