The Charmander Line 004. Charmander 005. Charmeleon 006. Charizard 006. Mega Charizard X 006. Mega Charizard Y Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Hito (Charmander) is a future warrior, yet an egotistical child who wants to someday take over the Kanto Circle of Fire in the village he lives in. He admires the village leader, Zard, yet Zard wants him to be come a better less egotistical person if he wants to take over, so she sends him on a journey along with two other Kanto starters to stop the dark forces of evil. However his egotistical ways caused him and his team a bunch of problems. Hito (Charmeleon) now more mature trains everyday now to impress Zard and be more courteous to his friends and to whoever he comes across. Liza (Charizard) is a seamstress who loves to weave fun festive outfits for her friends and guest that visit her town. She has no true relation to the Kanto starters though she meets them and makes them some nice outfits and accessories for their journey. Zard (Mega Charizard X) is a regal well respected leader of the Kanto Circle of Fire. She is always kind and noble to her fellow villagers and treats them with respect. She even sees potential for a future leader name Hito. She sometimes scolds her fellow sister leaders for their strange zany ways. Hito (Mega Charizard Y) has become a noble warrior caring more for others than himself. He will do anything to protect his friends, innocent lives, and Zard. However, he has scars that permanently bruised his right eye. He chose to not heal it. He eventually realized his love for Zard and confessed his feelings to her once he came home from his journey and Zard requited.