The Cyndaquil Line 155. Cyndaquil ( Young Hino) 156. Quilava (Hino) 157. Typhlosion (Adult Hino) Misc: This is the only line so far that has been consistent as the same person. He's the only Johto Starter in the Johto force that is male. He is joined by Megania (Chikorita), Waniko (Totodile) and though it's not a starter Furretta (Sentret). The whole Cyndaquil line starts off as a simple villager to becoming rebellious, to becoming more yokai/samurai like and being super powerful. He does have a bit of jealousy issues. Hino had a crush on Megania for a bit but he then fell in love with his childhood friend, Furretta. Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai