The Diglett Line 050. Diglett 051. Dugtrio Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Meet the Dugger Sisters Letta(Diglett) is the youngest of the Dugger Sisters. Despite being only 5, she's already adamant about following her big sisters footsteps and works hard in the fields and the mines. She looks up to her sisters a lot especially, Tria who's the oldest. The Dugger Triplets (Dugtrio) were all born the same day. Tria is the oldest (the top) who keeps things align and make sure her younger sisters don't get into trouble when working. Letta often comes to her for advice. Her weapon of choice is a pick ax. Diga, the middle triplet, (the bottom left) is a rough houser and sometimes like to take charge whenever Tria is too busy to run the mines. She tends to take things too seriously and gets competitive with Tria, that she tends to screw up a lot and cause a ruckus. Diga likes to sing to Letta whenever Letta has nightmares during the night. Her weapon of choice is a shovel. Dri is the youngest triplet (the bottom right). She's kinda coquettish when she meets men or women, but she means well. Her older sisters don't like that however. Dri is the laziest when it comes to work and would rather have fun playing. She likes to teach Letta that there's a world outside of working and having fun. Her weapon of choice is a hoe.