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The Eevee Line 133. Eevee (Vee-jin) 134. Vaporeon (Shamio) 135. Jolteon (Jupithu) 136. Flareon (Boostaran) 196. Espeon (Eifiryu) 197. Umbreon (Yuejing) Misc: Eevee and its Eeveelutions are based on Asian Aesthetic culture and fashion. Vee-jin (Korean Aesthetic) Shamio (Polynesian Aesthetic) Jupithu (Hindu Aesthetic) Boostaran (Arabian Aesthetic) Eifiryu (Japanese Aesthetic) Yuejing (Chinese Aesthetic) I based Eevee through Flareon on the Battling Eevee Brothers which means, Vee-jin, Shamio, Jupithu, and Boostaran are all brothers. Shamio being the oldest, Boostaran is the second, Jupithu is the second youngest, and Vee-jin is the youngest. Just like the Battling Eevee Brothers, Vee-jin's older brothers try to pressure him to become like them. More or less Shamio and Boostaran. Jupithu is more easy going. Shamio and Boostaran have a major rivalry with each other. Eifiryu and Yuejing are twins and are cousins to the Eevee Brothers. Eifiryu and Yuejing work under Zazuya (Crobat), but are also double agents doing undercover research on the mischievous practices of his Zaibatsu Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai