The Exeggcute Line 102. Exeggcute (The Exeggcute Sisters) : Emi (middle), Eli (top right), Egi (middle right), Eti (lower right), Exi (middle left), Ezi (lower left) 103. Exeggutor (The Terrator Sisters: Terri (the far left) Torri (the middle), Tyrri (the far right) Misc: The Exeggcute sisters are rough and tough, but easily impressionable. The Terrator sisters have three other siblings, but they chose to live their life style more in the city than in nature. The Terrator sisters are godmothers to the Cubone gijinka, Marogara, who's mother passed away from a Tentacruel accident. Terri is the oldest in group while Torri is the youngest. The Exeggutor gijinka was the first in my series to have a background. Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai