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Flash's Demise Concepts  This is made for one of my classes in college called Pre Production where we had to come up with a concept for a story with a team. The Final Product we came up with was a funny gory short animation about the superhero Flash meeting his demise because of a mischievous girl who wanted revenge on him for messing up her ice cream moment. I was in charge of making the character designs and concepts. Progress of Flash's Demise
Beginning Sketches Program: Photoshop Misc: I began with drawing very quick sketches of girls that could fit the concept of destroying the Flash. Here's what the director chose. #3's bangs #7's Ponytail #11's outfit And after he chose what features he wanted for the girl, I combined them all to create her.
Girl Concept Program: Photoshop Misc: After choosing the features for the girl, I drew the girl character and changed the eye as well to look more childish and bug eye. It was very fun creating her final sketch design.
Picking the Color Pallet Program: Photoshop Misc: Next step was choosing the colors for the girl. I made ten different color pallets to give different options for the ethnicity and for the color of the overalls. The director choose #4. He almost chose #6 though, but we considered it too generic. My favorites personally were #5 ,#7, #1, #8 and #10
Character Sheets for the Other Characters
Program: Photoshop Misc: During the process of making the storyboard, we decided to give the girl a mom and a dad so that they also had a part in why Flash would get killed by the girl. I made the concepts of the mom, dad and Flash to make them look cartoony so that it can have the quirky effect for the final product. In the end though, the parents were cut because of time. And in the end, it would be just a conflict with the girl and Flash. Concept Art
 This project we did in class really helped me understand the process of making a cartoon or production. It was time con strenuous but worth it. I am glad this project I did in my class helped me out and will help me in the future.