The Growlithe Line 058. Growlithe (Windie) 059. Arcanine (Alexander Arcanaw or Arcanaw for short) Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Arcanaw was actually based upon Officer Jenny from the Pokemon anime. But unlike her, Arcanaw is one of a kind. This was the first time I drew a motorcycle. Specifically a police vehicle. But I made sure I customized it to look like an Arcanine. My only regret with the vehicle is that I didn't write RK9 Unit in place of Police...It would have been a funny joke. Windie is best friends with Mankizaru. Arcanaw has a small crush on his childhood friend, Vulnona the Ninetales, but he's too busy for any relationship. The Arcanine Line also has a major lore, but I'll someday go more into depth with it.