Honchanielle 256 FES 3D Model Process Program: Blender , Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop Misc: There was a Twitter trend for 3D artist called 256 tris, where you create a very low poly model, and I wanted to try it out with my Murkrow Gijinka since she had a simple design. I started out with the concept image you see to the left here. Drew it on Photoshop. Eventually as the process went on, it was kinda hard to keep up with the 256 tris without going over. I eventually made it to 256 by deleting a lot of unnecessary faces. I also modeled a witch's broom to the side which contains only 82 tris. Then I made the UVs and painted the textures with Paint Tool Sai. Not many people like UV editing, but it's kinda fun when you get use to it.
And at the end of the process, I rigged the model tried my best to mimic the pose I did in the Gijinka picture I did of her. And it turned out better than what I expected. Even though it's just a low poly model. I'm still learning Blender and hope to advance my Modeling skills with many other 3D Platforms, but starting small is always the best way to go. And I'm happy that this is a start.