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The Igglybuff Line 039. Jigglypuff (Purina) 040. Wigglytuff (Big Poppa Puff) 174. Igglybuff (Iggy) Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: One of my best friends actually helped me come up with Wigglytuff's name. Purina is bisexual dating Pippa, the Clefairy. When creating the Wigglytuff gijinka, I was actually looking at the pokemon and staring at it for so long, I leaned near my screen just for an idea, then boom! OLD RICH LOOKING MAN. HAHAHA. Originally Wigglytuff was going to be a female, but I could not resist the idea. Iggy is Big Poppa Puff's grandson. Big Poppa Puff is in a way like Simon Cowell. Who helps people get out there with their talents, but he's more lenient than Simon.
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