The Jigglypuff (Kanto) Line 039. Jigglypuff 040. Wigglytuff Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Purina (Jigglypuff) is an inspirational singer to many people as her singing relaxes people when they're in a stressful mood. She's the main singer for the Pink Pop band called Fairy Females. She works along side with Pippa (Clefairy) and Fabia (Clefable). Her manager is a Wigglytuff named Big Poppa Puff. Big Poppa Puff (Wigglytuff) is a successful business man who's managed many bands. He's been in music business for over 40 years and hasn't retired yet. He's often respected amongst all his employees and will keep doing his best to get more future artist out there. His real name is unknown. Fun Fact: One of my best friends actually helped me come up with Wigglytuff's name.