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Luna Sinclair
Progress of Making Luna Beginning Sketches Program: Photoshop Misc: I began with drawing very quick sketches of Luna. I wanted to make her a singer that plays with a guitar and at the same time a rancher/farmer since that's what her original home life was like.
Clothing Sketches Program: Photoshop Misc: I was talking to a person who is very good at character designing and she advised me to make multiple types of clothing for Luna. The ones with the stars are my favorite. I chose 2 and 6 to work with the most.
Getting the Concept Together Program: Photoshop Misc: I made Luna some extra attire to fit her personality of being a guitar player and also having that cheeky attitude.
Final Design Program: Photoshop Misc: Here is the final product of Luna's design. I made her also for a group that was based on Harvest Moon. But in the end she didn't make it for...unknown reasons. However, I am very happy with how Luna came to be. Luna is one character that taught me how to make characters better.