The Magikarp Line 129. Magikarp (Koiki) 130. Gyarados (Adult Koiki) 130. Mega Gyarados (Gyaralina) Misc: Koiki (Magikarp) was one of the ones I was so excited to do, I skipped to him because I wanted to draw him so bad. Gyaralina is based upon Valkyries and warrior princess vibes considering she's a princess. Adult Koiki is based upon Poseidon and Neptune with a island royalty aesthetic. Koiki and Gyaralina are arranged to be married but Koiki knows that Gyaralina and Prasilla (Lapras Gijinka) are in love and are a couple so he doesn't want to ruin that relationship. Gyaralina is bisexual and is dating Prasilla (Lapras). Gyaralina considers Koiki like her little brother since Koiki went on an adventure with her and Prasilla. Koiki ALSO was told by his parents to never evolve and to carry an everstone with him at all times, but while on his adventures, he desperately wanted to protect Gyaralina and Prasilla as well since they protected him so much. He ditched the Everstone and eventually evolved into a Gyarados himself. Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai