The Mankey Line 056. Mankey 057. Primeape Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Mankizaru (Mankey) is a little rambunctious little scamp who LOVES to act like Tarzan and likes to sneak apples to his house. His mother and father are both wrestlers and he wants to become one too to follow in his father's footsteps. His best friend is a Growlithe, named Windie, because Windie accidentally assisted in getting Manki's father out jail by giving him a rare candy. But unfortunately because of that moment, the police often confuse Manki for his father. Korizaru (Primeape) is an escaped criminal who eventually became a professional wrestler. Why did he go to jail? All because when he was a little Mankey, he was starving to death and stole one apple from a market. The RK9 Police got him and put him in jail for only 3 days. He couldn't handle that. But with the help of a future trainee Growlithe who gave him a rare candy, the little chains keeping him at bay couldn't hold Kori as he evolved into a Primeape and broke out of jail. While being a free man, he became a wrestler in a far away place and fell in love with another Primeape wrestler and had a baby with her named Mankizaru. But what if his son gets captured by the RK9 police?