The Nidoran Female Line 029. Nidoran ♀ 030. Nidorina 031. Nidoqueen Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Rinadad is a sweet, very caring child who really wants to be a mom someday. Unfortunately, her best friend, Rinosad (who is a Nidoran ♂ ) wasn't focused on becoming anything of the sort and would rather evolve into a Nidorino, stay that way, and become stronger. He even wanted her to evolve as well so that they can both travel together around the Kanto Kingdom. Due to that, Rinadad wanted to impress the boy she cared about, so she went on a lone journey to evolve into a Nidorina. But in the end, her best friend left her on his own journey, and she became angry which caused her to use a Moonstone she found in a cave to evolve into a Nidoqueen. Ever since that day she felt betrayed by her feelings and ambitions, she's been on a hunt for Rinosad so she can show him how she REALLY feels. But deep down inside, she love Rinosad to death. Fun Fact: Nidoqueen is one of my MOST favorite designs I made. She's just so majestic.