The Nidoran Male Line 032. Nidoran ♂ 033. Nidorino 034. Nidoking Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Rinosad is a messy, active, yet caring child who cares about his best friend, Rinadad (who's a Nidoran ♀). He has a big ambition to evolve into Nidorino, and just a Nidorino, to travel the Kanto Kingdom with Rinadad. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as his best friend disappeared on him after he told her to evolve instead of worrying about being a parent. He didn't know the reason why and he figured that maybe Rinadad got into some trouble, so he went on a journey to find her. During that journey, he evolved into a Nidorino. One thing he never knew was that the necklace emblem he wears contains a Moonstone that Rinadad placed inside. He eventually ran into Rinadad who was a Nidoqueen, but instead of a joyous reunion, it became a battle of survival for his life as Rinadad wanted to destroy him. Eventually he came across the Kanto Trio which convinced him to evolve. No matter how many times he resisted to evolve, things got worse for him and Rinadad. Circumstances came, and he had no choice but to become a Nidoking for her because he loved her too much. Fun Fact: Nidoking was one of the hardest designs for me to make.