The Oddish (Kanto) Line 043. Oddish 044. Gloom 045. Vileplume Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Nazono (Oddish) is the younger brother of Saihano (Gloom). He likes to draw and play sports. However, their mother, who's a ranger, has been missing for over two months and he and Saihano have been struggling to live. Nazono has also been seeing strange things in his nightmares that feels too real. Little did he know, he would soon be met with a great hero, guiding his way. Saihano (Gloom) is a soporific teen who's an aspiring artist and wishes to become a Bellossom in the future. With their missing mother, Saihano has to work extra hard just to keep the house running. He unfortunately falls asleep way too much due to stress. Not to mention, with his little brother seeing strange things in the night, he has to do his best to keep his little brother calm. Legend Nazono(Vileplume) is a spectre of an ancient hero who watches over Saihano and little Nazono. Oddly, Nazono (the Oddish) is named after the Legend and he found a connection with the little Oddish. But unfortunately, he constantly scares the little sprout whenever he visits him to reveal his identity and past. The Legend is also in dire love with Saihano and Nazono's mom. It is eventually revealed that Nazono, the Oddish, is his reincarnation.