The Pidgey Line 016. Pidgey 017. Pidgeotto 018. Pidgeot 018. Mega Pidgeot Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Poppomia (Pidgey) is a simple preteen who just wants to live a graceful life. She has no relations to the rest of the Pidgey line. Geona (Pidgeotto) is a ranger of the Geota tribe. She's Geota's right hand woman whenever the Arow Tribe tries to attack them. She really can't stand whenever she sees Fearows. Pijon (Pidgeot) is a traveling dancer who secretly admires Geota, the village chief, so she tends to stay in Geota's village. Geota (Mega Pidgeot) who is often quiet and keeps things to himself. But at the same times cares for his tribe and makes sure they're well pampered. He has a rival named Arow who has a gripe with him for territorial reasons. Fun Fact: when I saw Mega Pidgeot, THE FIRST THING THAT CAME INTO MY MIND WAS NATIVE AMERICAN! Hahaha. I'm also Native American myself.