This project is something I’ve been wanting to do since 2013 and now I’m finally doing this. I’m going to attempt to draw every single Pokémon humanized. That’s what gijinka means. My goals for this project: Draw every Pokémon as a gijinka Be versatile and unique with the designs Have fun My Personal Preference: Some designs might be out there because I want to go outside the box while some will be generic. But it’s the fun in designing. If a Pokémon starts as a boy then the chain somehow becomes a girl, it’s because I want to design with different ideas meaning they're not always the same person. All of my Pokémon Humanizations have names. Some even stories I made up for them. Some Pokémon that evolve might be the same person, but most of the time they won’t be. I will also be adding Mega Evolutions along with this and not wait for Gen 6 to just do them. Alolan versions of Pokémon will come when I get to Gen 7 Sometimes if they have a gender differences, I will draw two in the same picture. Wish me luck.

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