The Ponyta Line 077. Ponyta (Dashia) 078. Rapidash (Adult Dashia) 077. Ponyta (Gall) 078. Rapidash (Adult Gall) Misc: Dashia and Gall are brother and sister. Dashia is the older sister which makes Gall furious. These two have a major lore so someday I will talk about it here. Dashia's design was based upon Country singers while Gall's was based upon fencing classes being that's his occupation. People think Gall is a prince. He's far from that. I personally rank Dashia number one as my favorite Kanto gijinka I made. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She would be a best friend to me if she was real. While Dashia is a free spirited, cheerful lady who always finds hope and tries to see the good in everything, Gall is a cruel, cold blooded, selfish man who has MAJOR psychological issues. Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai