The Sanshrew Line 027. Sandshrew 028. Sandslash Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Andpa is his name. Born into a family of excavators, he constantly has to watch over a beach to the Southwest that his mother gained ownership of. But due to him being a chubby and slow Sandshrew, people didn't take him seriously about protecting his mom's property. Eventually he became agitated and irritable and always yelled at people to get off his property if anyone came, visited, or snuck into their land. One day, a trio of future heroes came to his beach and refused to leave no matter how many times Andpa demanded them to leave. A egotistical Charmander, named Hito, especially got to Andpa for his bullying remarks about his weight which caused him to evolve into a Sandslash out of anger. Ever since that day, he's been on a mission to get revenge on that little Charmander. Fun Fact: When I was visiting my family in California, I let my little cousins help me color Sandslah for a bit. It was an adorable moment.