The Squirtle Line 007. Squirtle 008. Wartortle 009. Blastoise 009. Mega Blastoise Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Tle (Squirtle) is a self proclaimed genius whose ambition is to do his own special research on Pokemon around the Kanto Kingdom. His aunt, Kamexia, sent him on his journey just to do that and to fight evil on the side. Blasta (Wartortle) is Kamexia's daughter and Tle's cousin. She's a very grumpy person who gets annoyed by her mother constantly for her zany and pervy ways. To the point she chooses not to evolve. Kamexia (Blastoise) is a zany captain and a vivacious leader of her village. She can be very loud, but a listener whenever you need help. She even encouraged her daughter, Blasta, to follow her own path and saw her nephew, Tle's, ambition to do research across the Kanto Kingdom. She's travels around the world constantly but will always check up on her village on a daily bases. She's also dating an Arbok name Arba. Tle (Mege Blastoise) has become a technical man with a high IQ. However, he's become very tough and won't take any punches. Though just as zany as his aunt, he respects his friends and will always be there for them. His research was almost complete at this point of becoming a Mega Blastoise. FUN FACT: My friend Perly actually gave me the idea to do a robotic type of character for Mega Blastoise. So I made him like an Iron Manesque character.