The Venonat Line 048. Venonat 049. Venomoth Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Nattani (Venonat) is the princess of Venonats. She's very reclusive and likes to keep things to herself. She has a fascination with roses though. Though she has no relation to the Venomoth, Morthra, she and her people will often worship her. Morthra (Venomoth) is a celestial being of Bug Type Pokemon for Venonats. Not much about her is known except there's a rumor that she has a secret haven in a deep forest. No one will ever know though. Many bug type Pokemon worship her for apparently being a gracious woman of her time, hence why she's seen as a goddess. Fun Fact: A lot of people remind her of Hinata or Zelda when strangely enough, I wasn't even thinking about those two characters when making Morthra(Venomoth). I was strangely thinking more of a Storm character.