The Weedle Line 013. Weedle 014. Kakuna 015. Beedrill 016. Mega Beedrill Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: Princess Beedle (Weedle) is a very kind yet unconfident child. She's often belittled by her older sister Beea but is treated very kindly by her assistant, Coonz. Something that Beea doesn't like. Coonz (Kakuna) is a chill, obedient subject who cares for Beedle and treats her the way she should be treated. He doesn't really like to fight against their Rivals hence why he eventually got fired from being a knight due to Beea's orders. Queen Beea (Beedrill) is the current Queen of Weedles and the older sister of Beedle. She's very strict on policy when it comes to order. She tends to scold her little sister and her subjects if they don't train or do her bidding. Those spears on her throne, they aren't just props! Queen Beedle (Mega Beedrill). Now finally a true queen fights against her rivals, but sometimes forgives them since she's not as strict on policy like her sister before her. But she will not hesitate when a challenge comes before her. She secretly wants Coonz to come back to her and love her.