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The Zubat Line 041. Zubat (Zazuya) 042. Golbat (Olba) 169. Crobat (Adult Zazuya) Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: I got inspired by Morticia from the Adams Family for Olba's design. Olba and Zazuya are brother and sister with Olba being older than Zazuya, despite him evolving into a Crobat. Olba actually doesn't want to be a Crobat. The both of them use to run a haunted house attraction, but then Zazuya eventually moved on to bigger and better things and runs a zaibatsu now, but with....interesting intentions. He keeps a close eye on his employees for "reasons". He's also considered the richest person in Johto...or once was, til certain events happened. Zazuya has a MAJOR crush on a Meganium name Megania. But she doesn't seem to requite his feelings.