The Oddish Line 043. Oddish (Nazono) 044. Gloom (Saihano) 045. Vileplume (Legend Nazono) 182. Bellossom (Adult Saihano) Program: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai Misc: This was the first line that actually got me over 5000 likes so quickly on Instagram. Nazono and Legend Nazono originally were the same person...but...I didn't like that thought, so I changed that Legend Nazono and Nazono are spiritually inclined with each other. Like, Nazono is Legend's reincarnation. Nazono and Saihano are brothers. Unlike Nazono, Saihano chose to become a Bellossom and follow his dreams of artistic interpretations of dancing. This line has such a major lore, but one day, I'll talk about it here.